David's Journal


Our faces are the same–are starlight–until we say the word “I” and “I am”–whereupon our light coalesces, condenses, covers itself with the skin of our individuality, and therein our journey here, in this solid realm, begins….

In a loved one’s eyes we may see that starlight and know that we are born of the same “Mother” source. And as we argue and our relationship is challenged, always there is the reality that “left hand” is simply clapping “right hand” on the same body; that love has not left us (although it may seem so at times). And tentatively we begin to sense that love does not stop at our skin. That you and I are more than we seem, that we are starlight, that we are “beams” of a light everlasting, come to this Earth in this time and space…only to return eventually to our source.

As the rays of starlight recede in our eyes, the “backdoor” of our being explodes open and we “fall” into the arms of our Mother from whence we came…and never really left. This, I feel, is our Journey. And it is not “I” here and now who is writing these words with tears of melting stars….