Privacy Policy

Who We Are

This website is owned and operated by me, Margaret Blauvelt. Its website address is

What Personal Data We Collect and Why

In general, we don’t collect personal information, because we do not have any reason to do so. I mention the only possible exceptions further down on this page.

  • We don’t currently allow comments, so we don’t need your name or email address for that.
  • We don’t have any sort of membership for you to sign up for.
  • We don’t have a newsletter to send you.
  • We don’t allow uploading of anything.
  • We have a login page, but only the administrator is allowed to log in. You do not have an account nor a username, so you cannot log in.
  • We don’t even have an online form for you to fill out.

If you contact me, it must be by phone, email, snail-mail or in person. If you phone, I will have your phone number and possibly your name, unless you have blocked that information from caller ID. If you email, I will have your email address.

This website itself does not ask any information from you. However, some of the plugins I use collect statistical data to help me improve this site. It is possible that an IP address for your computer could be collected by a third-party plugin or script that this site uses, but as far as I know, that is not the case. One or more plugin may also identify your (or your Internet Service Provider’s) location so that I can gather statistics about where the people visiting this site are located. Periodically, I may track the sequence of pages that you and other visitors pull up in order to see which pages are of greatest interest and how people reach them. I use this information to improve my site navigation and my content. In all cases, however, the visitors themselves remain anonymous.

As the only one with administrator access, I can say that your data will not be shared with anyone else, with the possible exception of data stolen by a hacker. I do my best to prevent such illegal activity, but companies who have far more resources than I do have tried and failed to prevent such data theft, so I humbly make no guarantees. However, I don’t ask for your data, so what is there to share or steal?

I will not share any of your personal information with anyone unless you tell me to, including your computer’s IP address, should I find it in some log file somewhere, or any information I get from you when you take the initiative to contact me.