David's Journal

Finding Your Archetypes

Finding your archetypes helps you become conscious that you are on your Journey and then realize that you are your Journey.

Some practical ways to find your archetypes include: Jungian psychotherapy, art therapy, meditation in which you invite Silence to speak, doing art or writing poetry, writing down your dreams and looking for themes and images.

How to Recognize an Archetype

Reading C.G. Jung helps. He observed similar images and themes arising in people of all cultures and in art and religion “at all times and places.”

The dreamer on the Journey of individuation may imagine an image of a strange person of the opposite gender who represents the male dreamer’s feminine qualities. An unknown male image may appear in a woman’s dreams, representing her masculine qualities. Later in life, dreamers meet “wise men and women” who are guides. Eventually, one may dream one’s own death and be terrified and waken in a panic. If one can return to the theme, one will dream one is transformed and re-born as almost a spiritual being. In waking life, one will feel more whole and at peace.