David's Journal

The “Kiss of Consciousness”

We do not stop at our skin. Our life energy pulses in our cells, moves outward to our skin in waves, and beyond, filling space and forming the medium of our intimate connections.

When we kiss someone we love, we actually “kiss” before our lips touch!

Our energy field is really a “feeld,” a second sensory system that sends and receives across physical space (telepathy).

Are these really your thoughts? Whose dream are you having, who is having your dream?

Our individual consciousness is really not “ours.” It is Cosmic Consciousness living in us. We are  the Universe knowing itself in the body of mankind.

The Universe, or Consciousness, apparently created us in order to know Itself and this physical world it created. We are “God’s sense organs.” We are part of God!

Awareness of this feels like being filled with infinite Love: the “Kiss of  Consciousness.”